Pixas Slope Primitives Added

The Four directions of Slope Primitives has been added into Pixas.

The parameters for the Slope constructor (take SlopeEast for example):


public function SlopeEast(_dms:SlopeDms = null, _color:SlopeColor = null, _border:Boolean = true)

_dms:SlopeDms - the SlopeDms dimension obj for rendering
_color:SlopeColor - the SlopeColor color obj for rendering
_border:Boolean - whether show border and highlight

The Slope Group has four sides: left slope, right slope, left side and right side. As it was introduced in the Color Tutorial, the SlopeColor.getByHorizontalColor(); static method helps you calculate values from light to dark automatically and returns an instance of SlopeColor which contains the values set.

Note: The horizontal side is taken as the reference side, in order to keep the same light source with other Primitives. However, you should keep in mind that the horizontal side does not really exist in each Slop Primitive. And the rendering effect for combination of Cube and Slopes will be like this:


2 responses to “Pixas Slope Primitives Added”

  1. Colin says :

    Sorry my tutorials stopped mid-rotation (sorting and paradox-resolving are still on there way) I stopped to update my website design. I’m close to finishing now though, so I’ll be able to pick up where I left off.

    I look forward to playing with the sloped objects too!

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